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Post Party Cleanup


Who’s thinking about the mess when the party is in full swing?  It’s not until afterwards when everyone has cleared out that the task at hand becomes overwhelming.  When looking around the house, it can be hard to determine the best way to tackle the job, not to mention where to start!

You don’t need to complete the cleanup all at once, but before you head to bed, it’s best to put food away and deal with the trash.  The rest of the details can be left for the morning.

Your best bet is to cut it down into sections and tackle one at a time.  Grab a trash bad and start in one room and work your way throughout the house.

Breaking it down:

  • Spills – Tackle these the best you can with spray cleaner or simple water and soap and a washrag. If something won’t come up, don’t stress over it too much but keep in mind spills on carpet and upholstery will likely stain if not addressed right away.
  • Trash – Pick up all wrappers, bottles, cups, and extra garbage and stuff it into the trash bag that you have ready in hand. When that one is full, put it out outside to prevent leakage and odor issues and in turn you’re not adding to your already cluttered place.
  • Glass Cups/Dishes/Utensils – Collect everything you can and drop them off in and around the sink. Even if they clutter up there, at least they’re in one place and not still scattered. It will be easier at the end to grab and wash instead of running back and forth. Fill the dishwasher and get your first load in while you focus your attention on another area.
  • Vacuum/Sweep – Clean the carpets and floors the best you can. This can usually be left until the morning.
  • Adjust – Furniture, tables, chairs, and other things thrown askew.   This will help everything come back together and start looking the way it did before.
  • Extra – Finish the kitchen duty and take care of any possible clutter still hanging about.

There are things you can think of about before the party that will contribute to an easier cleanup such as keeping certain area closed off to prevent the mess from spreading throughout the entire house.  Use disposable cups and plates to keep dirty dishes to a minimum.  And, don’t forget to solicit the help of your close friends—two hands are good, but four are even better!

It’s never a bad idea to call us in advance for before party or after party carpet cleaning.

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Terrific company!  Wish I’d found them years ago.  Fast, professional, and very thorough and attentive to details like not banging up your furniture or woodwork with their equipment (problem I had experienced with other carpet cleaning services).  The carpets look, smell, and feel fantastic!  I am definitely a repeat customer.  Thanks, Daniel!