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Does Your Home Have a Mold Problem?

If you have mold in your home, you will most likely know it by it’s distinctive smell.  Often the question is whether the mold is hazardous to your family or not.  Black mold produces mycotoxins that can cause health problems in some people.  Common molds that aren’t considered toxic can also have a negative effect on some people, which means you’ll want to get rid of any kind of mold that is in your home.

There are about 1000 different types of household mold!  While black mold isn’t common, it isn’t uncommon either.  You can’t completely keep mold out especially here in the Seattle area where moisture is a part of our everyday life.  With that said, you’ll want to be alert to the possibility of mold in your home and know how to look for it.

The first thing to remember is that when you go looking for mold you won’t want to stir up the spores causing them to spread to other areas.  Turn off your HVAC system and any fans running and begin looking in the most popular locations:

Behind drapes and wallpaper

Under carpet and pads

Behind wallboard and drywall

Above ceiling tiles

On pipes

Inside ductwork

If you determine that mold is an issue, call us right away.  We will complete a thorough evaluation of your mold issue and determine next steps.  Once the mold problem is addressed you’ll want to make sure that the condition that allowed it to thrive in the first place is eliminated!

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